Philip returned to ODIN: It’s a great place to work

Philip Nordkvist left ODIN Engineering as a skilled metal worker to seek new challenges. A few years later, he has returned because he appreciates the varied tasks, the values, and the community with his colleagues.

When Philip Nordkvist starts at 6.30 every morning and turns on his cutting machine, it is with the expectation that new drawings are ready for workpieces that must be cut out very precisely in steel, before he passes the profiles on to a good colleague who processes the steel in the next process.

Perhaps he also discuss the latest results in football with some of his colleagues. Talks to the engineers if something is unclear or needs to be changed, or he discuss the task with the planner or the factory manager if there are special conditions, he needs to be aware of.

Time flies at work, and before he knows it the workday is over, and it’s time for the gym or to relax at home.

”Time goes fast. I think it’s cool that ODIN develops and produces only one of each machine, this way work is different every day. And you have to be on your toes. It also requires that you must be able to mill, turn and other things to solve the task. It’s great to have your own area of responsibility. When a machine is finished, I can see the finished product in our assembly hall, and I can see what I have contributed,” says Philip Nordkvist.

Seeking new challenges

This is not what the working day looked like for Philip Nordkvist a few years ago. After four years as an apprentice at ODIN Engineering and at Technical School in Slagelse, Philip Nordkvist wanted to try something new as a newly qualified metal worker. Therefore, he got a job as a fitter at a machine manufacturer, where his main task was to assemble machines.

”I thought it would be a good idea to try out new things, and maybe return to ODIN again later if the opportunity was there. That’s why I got a job as fitter, but after a while I found out that serial production wasn’t for me,” explains Philip Nordkvist.

Good apprenticeship

Today, Philip Nordkvist appreciates the experience, but feels that the saying ”there’s no place like home” describes his apprenticeship at ODIN Engineering very well:

”It’s good to be an apprentice at ODIN. You get some good habits that you can also take with you when you move on. I’ve learned to be more self-disciplined, to take responsibility for the tasks and ensure that what I do is in order,” says Philip Nordkvist.

With his good apprenticeship in mind, he waited for an opportunity to come back to ODIN Engineering again. And when the opportunity arose, he jumped at the chance.

At ODIN, Philip Nordkvist was trained in laser cutting and edge pressing until he was self-driven, and he got a forklift certificate.

Now he is a process operator responsible for bending and laser cutting, and every day he cuts sheets up to 15 mm thick based on the tasks and drawings that are ready every morning from his colleagues in the design department. In addition, he also works in the forging department during busy periods and holidays. It is important to keep your skills and apprentice certificate up to date.

High quality pays off

With the responsibility for his own machine, Philip Nordkvist has also adopted ODIN Engineering’s values, and he is careful to cut the steel exactly as it says on the drawings.

”I’ve learned that we have to do it right the first time, and rather spend some extra time than just sending something off. Otherwise, mistakes will occur, and this will cost you in the end. The quality is high, and you have to make it as if it were for yourself,” says Philip Nordkvist. He adds:

”I have some good colleagues, everyone gets along, and the atmosphere is good. I feel that ODIN wants the best for me, and they support me both at work and outside of working hours.”


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