ODIN Engineering: Vestas’ problem solvers since 1994

The wind turbine manufacturer Vestas has been a customer of ODIN Engineering since 1994. Mads Højlund is project manager at ODIN. Here, he explains how Vestas through 28 years has helped shape the way we work at ODIN today.

There are long-term customer relationships, and then there are customer relationships of 28 years. This is how long ODIN Engineering has been developing special machines and production equipment for Vestas. The Danish wind turbine manufacturer has been a customer since 1994, when the wind turbines were only manufactured in Denmark. Since then, Vestas went out into the world, and ODIN joined them. Today, ODIN supplies equipment to Vestas worldwide and provides customer support around the clock.

Vestas is an excellent example of how our customers help develop and shape ODIN. When we today develop business-critical special machines for large industrial companies, the approach to the tasks is to a large extent characterised by the long collaboration with Vestas. This is what ODIN’s project manager, Mads Højlund says:

”For 28 years, Vestas has given ODIN complicated issues that have required an extraordinary team effort. Today, it’s part of ODIN’s DNA that we don’t stop until we have a tailor-made solution to our customers’ challenges. The approach is that everything is possible,” says Mads Højlund adding:

”It’s only if we do nothing that we fail. There’s nothing to do but throw yourself into the task, even if it’s complex. If we’re open to new ideas, and if we collaborate, we always end up succeeding. We’ve learned this through our many years of collaboration with Vestas.”

Qualified sparring partners

You get to know each other well through 28 years. Vestas and ODIN Engineering have a close relationship today, where ODIN is not only a supplier of production equipment, but also a qualified sparring partner.

”This means that we get involved early on in the projects. We contribute our knowledge and experience when the requirement specifications are drawn up. It’s a great vote of confidence when our customers involve us early on in the process,” says Mads Højlund.

”When we collaborate in that way, we naturally listen to our customer’s wishes. But there’s also an expectation that we dare to challenge the customer. Because that’s what ODIN is good at. We challenge the traditional engineering methods and push the limits of what’s possible. In this way, we come up with proposals for solutions that the world hasn’t seen yet,” says Mads Højlund.

The project manager emphasises that in order to be a close business partner, customers must be able to count on ODIN always being ready to embark on an urgent matter. Regardless of the time and scope of the task.

Special machines of the highest quality

Vestas operates in an industry with a high degree of development and competition. In order to maintain the market position, it is therefore important that the deliveries from ODIN Engineering are future-proof and of the highest quality every single time. It is crucial for trust, Mads Højlund explains:

”We have to deliver at the highest level every time. And the equipment must work as soon as it’s installed. It applies to Vestas and all other customers that when they see an ODIN machine, they know for certain that it’s a quality product. It’s basically the best way to build trust in relationships.”

”ODIN consists of smart, practical people,” explains CEO Mads S. Rasmussen, adding ”and first and foremost, ODIN consists of a lot of problem solvers. The company has extensive experience in developing and manufacturing special solutions for many industries, it provides a good foundation for coming up with the right solution.”

”We can only develop unique solutions to unique problems if we create the best framework for idea development. ’THE ODIN WAY’ means that there’s no fixed path we must follow. We think outside the box every time. Untraditional suggestions are a must. They are assessed, calculated, sketched, and discussed in the process of searching for all conceivable solutions,” says Mads Højlund. ”Which brings us to the right solution for our customer – therefore all machines are unique. It’s special machines that are tailor-made and built from scratch to solve the customer’s challenges.”


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