Congratulations to Svend Bjerking – 40 years at ODIN Engineering

In 1982, the CD came onto the market and the Commodore 64 computer was introduced. 1982 was also the year in which Svend Bjerking had his first day of work at ODIN Engineering. Today, Svend is 62 years old, and we are proud that he is still with us. Svend has operated the lathe and is now in the assembly department. Today we celebrate his 40th anniversary.

Today Dannebrog is hoisted at ODIN Engineering. Because we are celebrating that our good colleague Svend Bjerking has been employed for 40 years. Svend came to ODIN already in 1976 as a junior worker. 6 months later, he became an apprentice at the factory, and after a short period in the military, Svend completed his apprenticeship and was ready to operate the lathe at the machine factory in Slagelse in 1982.

Experienced people build business-critical special machines

”We’re happy that our employees stay with us for many years. It’s important that ODIN has experienced people who know the place and the culture well, so that they can pass the spirit on to the newcomers. Congratulations to Svend from everyone at ODIN, we’re delighted to celebrate him,” says Mads S. Rasmussen, CEO at ODIN Engineering.

Svend, who will soon turn 63, has operated the lathe at ODIN for 20 years, and since then he has been in the assembly department, both at the factory and as a travelling fitter. So, Svend is part of the assembly team who assemble the business-critical special machines that ODIN develops for industrial companies.

ODIN has secretly made a medal that Svend received today. And it’s not just any medal. It is made of titanium and developed in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute.

THE ODIN WAY all the way

In 1982, the CD hit the market for the first time, and the Commodore 64 home computer was introduced. Back then, ODIN Engineering was called ODIN Maskinfabrik, and Gorm Rasmussen was the CEO. The factory was smaller, and the machines used air cylinders and curve roller bearings. A lot has changed since then. ODIN has grown, the name of the CEO is Mads S. Rasmussen, and the machines are now high-tech and computer-controlled, but the approach to the tasks is the same.

”We develop solutions and build business-critical special machines that the world has not seen yet – from scratch. Therefore, we need equal parts ingenuity, technical understanding, and commitment. We work closely together and use our various skills to build the best solution for the customers’ needs, and our customers are international industrial companies. That’s how we worked in 1982, and that’s how we work at ODIN today,” says Svend.

Svend explains that the term THE ODIN WAY is not a new invention. He learned this mantra early in life. This means that you always go all the way to solve customer challenges. And that it is only possible to develop unique machines for unique challenges in a creative room with the possibility of exploring even the strangest ideas.

ODIN is a nice workplace

You have a responsibility when you are among the experienced forces at the factory, says Svend. It means something to him that he can pass on his experience to the young people. It is his contribution to ensuring that ODIN Engineering also has skilled and committed employees in the future – smart practical people.

”When I started, you didn’t ask questions about the things that were said. Young people today are more independent, they sometimes ask for a more in-depth explanation. I always say they are welcome to find their own way, they don’t have to do it my way. But the final product is never up for discussion: the customer must have a good experience, and the quality must be top-notch, every time,” he says.

Svend emphasises that unity and teamwork are a central part of ODIN’s DNA. People help each other, and the tone is respectful, even when things are busy. You have to understand that if you want to work at ODIN. But then, according to the jubilarian, you also have a workplace where you thrive.

”It’s not a coincidence that I’ve been with ODIN for 40 years. When I wake up in the morning, I’m happy to go to the factory and meet my colleagues. That feeling is worth its weight in gold to me,” says Svend.


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