Meet Kasper Andy Quist: ODIN Engineering’s Production Planner and entertainer of the team

Our employee Kasper Andy Quist has been working at ODIN Engineering as Production Planner for more than 4 years and thrives well.  

As Production Planner, Kasper Andy Quist ensures that we build our customers’ special-purpose machines in an efficient way. He is responsible for planning the production every day and for the special-purpose machines to be finished on time.

A typical working day for Kasper Andy Quist is to organise the production and inform the purchaser about  purchases, so we get the materials and sub-supply to be used for the different special-purpose machines.

“It’s my job to examine what we must produce and when: I keep an eye on the capacities so that the different areas of production are not overbooked. If we lack capacity, I can contact external suppliers and have the components produced so that we always comply with the agreed delivery times,” says Kasper Andy Quist.

Not two special-purpose machines or working days are the same

The very best thing about working as Production Planner at ODIN Engineering is, according to Kasper Andy Quist, that he is involved in the whole process. From the purchase of materials and components  until they have taken the form of a new robust, business-critical special-purpose machine for one of ODIN’s customers:

”One of the things that has always fascinated me about my work is that I follow every piece of iron and component, from being brought into production until they shine and work in a special-purpose machine.  Right from the raw material to the finished solution,” says Kasper Andy Quist and continues:

“Therefore, the days at ODIN Engineering are never the same because we produce special-purpose machines from scratch, and usually deal with new inventions. We’ve an engineering and design department that develops solutions together with the customers, but I help determine how to produce the machines. I work closely with the production and examine what’s the smartest, most durable and efficient. One can say that I’m allowed to taste the sauce before it’s heated.”

Trust, respect and empathy among colleagues

Kasper Andy Quist thrives at ODIN Engineering in his fourth year and points out that it is a gift in itself to be part of a workplace like ours:

“I’ve some wonderful colleagues who are happy, smile and have good input. We are busy every day, but generally the atmosphere is really good. We all trust that we do the best work we can at all. There’s a great deal of trust, respect and empathy all the way around, which makes it great to go to work every single day.

ODIN Engineering’s ”entertainer”

The good atmosphere among the colleagues also affected Kasper Andy Quist, as he showed a completely different side of himself at the annual Christmas party. Here he burst into the rock song “Go, Johnny Go!” to everyone’s great amusement.

“I’ve always liked to stand on a stage and perform, so if the mood is for it, I like to entertain. I’ve been singing and playing the guitar since I was 16 and have been in my father’s rock band ever since, ”says Kasper Andy Quist.

We look forward to more entertainment from Kasper Andy Quist for our future festivities at ODIN Engineering!

Watch Kasper Andy Quist perform in the video here


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