Caliper bears witness to a long tradition of precision at ODIN Engineering

The caliper is an indispensable tool used every single day in the production at ODIN Engineering. It is a basic tool used during the manufacturing of special-purpose machines.

That is why we have a tradition of giving our metal worker and industrial technician apprentices their own caliper when they have completed their apprenticeship with us.

CEO Mads S. Rasmussen also got his own caliper when he completed his machinist apprenticeship. In addition, his father Gorm Rasmussen gave him the now 100-year-old caliper the day he graduated as a mechanical engineer. Gorm Rasmussen had this old caliper from his father Niels Rasmussen. Niels Rasmussen bought the caliper when he became an engineer back in 1921.

Calipers are used every day by ODIN Engineering’s industrial technicians and metal workers in their work on developing specialised, business-critical machines that perform accurate tasks without interruption year after year with our customers.

“It’s an important part of our work to ensure that the measurements are precise and accurate down to a tenth of a millimetre. We use calipers on all the components and machine parts we produce – just as a carpenter always has a ruler at hand,” says Mads S. Rasmussen.

The caliper, which can measure anything within a tenth of a millimetre, is used for everything from measuring the outside dimensions of a workpiece, the thickness of a plate, measuring the internal dimensions and the distance between two holes drilled, to measuring the depth of holes.

Mads S. Rasmussen explains that precision is crucial for the development of special-purpose machines:

“We work with the caliper and other precise measuring instruments such as micrometre screws, measuring gauge, microcator, measuring blocks, measuring arms, etc., because we know that we thereby get accurate and precise measurements within the correct tolerances. When our employees produce something in the workshop, they must always be accurate and have a high degree of awareness of precision.”

For measuring workpieces that are larger than 150 mm, ODIN Engineering uses measuring instruments such as mobile 3D measuring arms, laser and measuring instruments with an accuracy of 1/100 mm. In addition, the production also has calibrated pressure gauges, speed gauges, temperature gauges, light meters and sound meters, so that all the dimensions and functions of the special machines are exactly as planned and projected.

100-year-old caliper is passed on at ODIN Engineering

The grandfather Niels Rasmussen got his family’s caliper back in 1921 when he studied to be an engineer. At that time, the caliper was a good and solid measuring instrument for measuring workpieces, as we do today. For instance, with the caliper, he was able to measure drills for drilling holes with great accuracy.

“When my grandfather got his caliper, he was an engineer, and it was the best caliper you could buy, and the caliper was produced in Switzerland. The caliper became a symbol that he wanted something big with precision along with the other measuring instruments,” says Mads S. Rasmussen.

In the same way, Mads S. Rasmussen got his own caliper when he completed his machinist apprenticeship in 1992. However, the grandfather’s old caliper was not passed on from his father and former CEO at ODIN Engineering, Gorm Rasmussen to Mads Rasmussen until in 1999 when he graduated as a mechanical engineer.

“My title as a machinist was not good enough. It took a little more practice before I had achieved enough precision to inherit the family’s now 100-year-old caliper,” he says, smiling.

A symbol of precision in working with special-purpose machines

The tradition of passing Niels Rasmussen’s caliper on to the next owner of the family business has also created another tradition at ODIN Engineering. As evidence of their completed apprenticeship and precision work, all apprentices receive a caliper with their name and the date of their apprenticeship test engraved.

“With the caliper, we recognise that they have completed their apprenticeship, and it’s a special symbol that they have excelled in their work in manufacturing components for specialised, business-critical machines. There’s a history of precision, it’s not just a coincidence,” says Mads. S. Rasmussen.

The calipers are of the traditional manual type, which according to Mads S. Rasmussen makes them more accurate than the modern electronic ones that run on batteries.

“Electronics doesn’t last forever. Our caliper is durable and can be used outdoors in all kinds of weather and in all kinds of production environments – even in more than 20 years, just like my grandfather’s 100-year-old caliper.”


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