ODIN Engineering boosts its Service Department

Our Service Manager will ensure the continued positive development of ODIN’s services for the benefit of our customers.

Jimmi Olsen, 41, is back in his role as ODIN Engineering’s Service Manager. He will be in charge of the future development of ODIN’s Service Department and ensure that our service continues to be of the same high quality as our solutions.

Jimmi has a background as a flight technician. He has many years of experience with managing service and maintenance for the Maersk Group, among others, and has previously been employed at ODIN. He is delighted to be back with ODIN and is ready to continue the good work that makes a difference for our customers:

“At ODIN, we provide business-critical solutions, and we know how important it is for our customers to keep their production lines running. As a result, we have a special approach to service. We provide a personal and professionally qualified service, and we are ready to help when the customers need it.”

The Service Department will be key in future
As Service Manager, Jimmi Bilenberg Olsen heads a department that is experiencing a very positive development. The department has grown by five employees in less than two years, and we expect it to help strengthen ODIN Engineering’s market position in future:

“Service is a crucial parameter for our customers. It is a very motivating task for me to help further improve the Service Department and make sure it can continue to meet our customers’ service requirements and respond when the need arises – 24/7”, says Jimmi and continues:

“The Service Department’s aim is to strengthen our relationships with our customers. When we develop custom machinery we work closely with the customers on a shared goal, and it is natural to continue our good cooperation when it comes to service. With specific service agreements, we give customers confidence that their production line remains a priority for us.”

Jimmi Olsen rejoined ODIN Engineering as Service Manager on the 20th of March.



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