ODIN Engineering adds powerful German to its machinery

The Hedelius T7 2600 Magnum is the latest addition to the ODIN Engineering machinery. The machine is to relieve the large Zayer milling machine and increase future capacity.

We ordered the Hedelius machine when we visited the German manufacturer in February and we have been looking forward to its delivery and commissioning since then.

Tommy Clausen, Factory Manager at ODIN Engineering, says: ”We had been searching for a high-end processing solution which would cover our needs optimally. The Hedelius machine will fulfil our needs in terms of precision, productivity, and user-friendliness.”

He adds: ”The Hedelius machines are characterised by their ergonomically correct access to the large processing space. Along with the powerful main spindle, complete 5-axis simultaneous processing, and ultra-high precision and repeatability, this machine is a perfect match for ODIN Engineering.”

Already involved on the manufacturing of special machines
With the purchase of the Hedelius T7 2600 Magnum, another 170 positions were added to the accompanying large tool magazine that supports the 50 tool positions of the chain, leaving us with a total of 220 tool positions.

So far, the machine has been equipped with approx. 90 different tools but Jesper B. Lundby, Production Manager at ODIN Engineering, anticipates adding further tools on an ongoing basis:

”It is an important functionality that we can handle a high number of tools simultaneously. This gives us access to all the necessary tool solutions without unnecessary waiting time while a new tool is being fitted into the chain.”

The machine has already been commissioned and will relieve the large Zayer milling machine we acquired in 2015, among other things.

Jesper B. Lundby says: ”We included the Hedelius machine in our production line very quickly and today, it is located opposite our Spanish Zayer milling machine which it will be relieving insofar as the medium class is concerned. This will allow us to use the Zayer machine for the very large workpieces in the future.”

The Hedelius T7 2600 Magnum has a 29 KW main spindle capable of 12,000 rpm in workpieces that may be end-processed the full length of the X axis. Furthermore, the machine is capable of processing workpieces with a diameter up to 1,100 mm, and enables pendant processing.

Read the article from Teknovation regarding the ODIN Engineering Hedelius T7 2600 Magnum here (in Danish).


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