Experienced owner-manager and economist joins the board of directors at ODIN Engineering

Jan Helskov Hansen is a new member of our board of directors. We look forward to benefitting from his background and many years of experience in developing and strengthening an internationally oriented project company.

For the past 18 years, Jan Helskov Hansen has worked at Cabinplant A/S. In 2005 he became the second generation co-owner, and he is currently CFO.

Since its establishment in 1969, Cabinplant has developed into an international project-oriented company that supplies production plants for the food industry in most of the world. Today, there are more than 300 employees in the company, which is headquartered in Haarby on Funen.

It therefore benefits ODIN Engineering that Jan Helskov Hansen has experience in how to develop and strengthen both the organisation and the financial framework in a project company that sells, develops, installs, and services complex special machines and production plants internationally.

”ODIN Engineering has very specialised knowledge and competencies within special machines. In addition, there is an impressive list of references from some of the world’s leading production companies within technology, food, medico and biotech,” says Jan Helskov Hansen and adds:

”Although in recent years ODIN Engineering has primarily developed and built special machines for the wind turbine industry, the ODIN team has experience in developing robust business-critical machines for many other purposes. I look forward to helping to strengthen and develop ODIN, so that these experiences and competencies can come more into play.”

Jan Helskov Hansen is 52 years old. He has a master’s degree in auditing and accounting from the University of Southern Denmark and is student from Faaborg Gymnasium. In addition to the board position at ODIN Engineering, he is also a board member at Vestfyns Gymnasium.

He lives in a country house south of Odense with his wife, Tanja Hansen, and two children aged 12 and 15, respectively. Here there is plenty of room for horses of the breed Danish Warmblood and for the family’s common interest in the dressage sport.


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