Easy to arrive on time when work is fun

At ODIN Engineering, our apprentices arrive at half past six every morning. Several of them live far away from ODIN, but they still arrive on time, fresh and well-prepared to help develop and build special-purpose machines.

22-year-old Philip Nordkvist, apprentice metal worker at ODIN Engineering. Previously he lived in Slagelse, but now lives in Roskilde, and therefore has 60 kilometres to work. However, the early start time does not prevent Philip from arriving on time every morning:

”It’s part of my contract, so I can of course not just show up as I please. It suits me fine to arrive early in the morning,” he says and continues:

”When I just moved to Roskilde, I often set the alarm three quarters earlier than I do now to be sure to get up. Today, it’s easy because I’ve got used to it. Now I’m always at ODIN one quarter before start time. It just requires a little planning in everyday life.”

Reliable employees produce reliable special-purpose machines

According to CEO Mads Strøjer Rasmussen, observing the start times is very important for ODIN Engineering’s success in developing advanced and business-critical special-purpose machines for some of the largest production companies in the world:

”It means a lot to us that all our employees show respect for each other’s work and time. We’re specialists. Quality and reliability are important elements in our DNA. Therefore, our apprentices must also assume responsibility for their own work and their education, among other things by arriving on time every morning,” he says.

Commitment is rewarded with responsibilities and challenges

As apprentice metal worker at ODIN Engineering, it is important to Philip to be dedicated to his work every single day.

”I’m dedicated to my work and look forward to coming to work every day. On the other hand, I experience that my managers and colleagues at ODIN have great confidence in me and give me responsibility and challenges. One of the reasons is probably that I come to work fresh and enthusiastic at half past six every morning,” he says.

Smart, practical people that you can count on

The working hours at ODIN Engineering are efficiently used to design, develop, test and deliver business-critical special-purpose machines for production companies worldwide. In addition to professional skills, it also requires a committed effort from the entire team every day – from the most experienced specialist to the youngest apprentice.

”We must be able to count on each other at ODIN. We’re a team of smart, skilled people,” says Mads Strøjer Rasmussen and adds:

”I’m pleased to see how our apprentices take responsibility and are dutiful”.


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