Corona Covid-19 leaves traces everywhere – also at ODIN Engineering

“ODIN handles the situation seriously and follows the guidelines issued by the Danish government. No one has tried this situation before, so everyone of us share the responsibility to make the daily life go on during the provisional 14 days, that our government has asked us to be extra careful. We welcome all inputs and ideas into our team. As many people as possible will be working at home. We face new daily working habits including a lot more Skype and Microsoft Teams meetings. We are already learning to operate this way,” said Mads S. Rasmussen with a smile.

“It requires a little extra planning in our production environment, since we can’t just pull the production machines out of the factory and send them home with our employees. This means, that our employees in the production keep extra distance between each other and use lots of hand sanitiser.

Speaking of the hand sanitiser – yes, it makes you happy when the house smells wonderfully of hand sanitiser. This means that everyone uses it and uses a lot. We are taking care of each other, and we want our loved ones to overcome this health crisis.

At the end of the day it is the healthy working attitude from both management and employees that makes things go smoothly, and that makes every business owner proud, ” said Mads S. Rasmussen, who is currently at home quarantine after a trip abroad.


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